domingo, 7 de fevereiro de 2016


  Am I against homosexuality? No. Am I in favor of homosexuality? No. You know why? Because it’s not any of my business to judge other people's lives and choices.

  Gay people have exactly the same right as heterosexual people to be with whoever they want, so why are they constantly judged and pointed out? If a person is happy with another person from the same gender then why shouldn’t they be together as a couple?
  Everyone has their tastes and preferences about everything, but in love and friendship things just come as they are and it’s not really a thing people can choose themselves, you get what I’m saying?  
  Why should they be discriminated just because they are different from the majority? Because they’re different from what is considered ‘normal’? That is wrong on so many levels.

    No one says that you have to be with a person of the opposite sex, no one says that a couple must be a man and a woman. The essence of being with another person is to love them and feel loved. If being next to that special person makes someone happy, then why don’t you let that person go forward with it and just be happy? 
    Don’t be afraid of other people’s opinions because in the end what really matters is your happiness.

   I am really proud that gay marriage is being legalized in more countries now. That means that people are starting to change their mentalities, that they’re opening their minds to difference, accepting others the way they are. If a woman and a man are allowed to get married, why wouldn’t two men or two women be allowed too?
   They’re both human beings and citizens and in my opinion they should and must have just the same rights as others, in this case the opportunity to get married with his or her partner.
    Love is love, and love doesn’t have any patterns or norms.

   I appeal just not to be judgmental when it comes to these situations, or to any other different people really. Help them to express their feelings and support them in their decisions and choices like you would like to be supported with yours.

- J

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