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Liebster Award TAG

I was challenged to answer this tag by http://booksandpagesblog.blogspot.pt/

This TAG consists on:
1 - Writing 11 facts about me;
2- Answer the questions that your blog was asked;
3 - Nominate 11 blogs with less than 200 subscribers to answer this TAG;
4- Make 11 questions to the 11 nominated blogs;
5- Share the Liebster Award TAG picture in the post;
6- Send the link of the post to the blog who nominated you.

11 Facts about me:
1- I practice martial arts (Karate Shukokai);
2- I love the sound of thunderstorms and the smell after it's been raining;
3- I love giving hugs to my friends;
4- I like to face all my fears execpt my aracnophobia;
5- I am really shy but I love to meet new people;
6- I am the biggest Divergent triology fan;
7- I love photographing and being photographed;
8- I'm not very sentimental, so i'm too cold for people sometimes;
9- I am really small (4'9) and use glasses;
10- I'm semi-ambidexter;
11- I have a Cambrigde first certificate and I'm studying to get the advanced one.

Questions I was asked:
1 - Which is the book with the most beautiful cover in your book shelf?
"Four" by Veronica Roth.

2- Do you buy your books online or in bookstores?
Most of the times i tend to buy books online.

3- Which are your three favorites series?
Tv series? Arrow, How i met your mother (even though it is over) and Sherlock.

4- Did you ever postponed reading a book for too long and when you finally read it you wished you have read it sooner? If so, what was that book?
Actually that has not happened to me yet.

5- Which is the most evil character you ever had contact with?
I don't read many action books, so I will have to say Jeanine Mathews from the Divergent Series.

6- How many pages has the biggest book you read?
447 pages ('Stay with me' by J.Lynn).

7- From the books you've read and were adapted to a movie, which one you think it was best one adapted?
I think "The Fault in our stars" was a really well adapted book to the big screen.

8- Is there any book that almost everyone liked but you didn't? If yes, which one?
"The fault in out stars". I don't see the big deal about it. I know it is a cancer story that touches all of us but the way the author put it didn't make me connect to the characters or create a connection, and i think that was lacking in the whole book.

9- Which is your favorite place to read?
My bed in my bedroom.

10- Who is your favorite author?
Jennifer Armentrout (J. Lynn).

11- Do you like more stand alones or triologies?
I like books that have a connection between each other but don't depend on each other to understand the story itself. I like both actually but i think i like triologies the best.

Questions to answer:
  1. Which was the book that led you to reading?
  2. Do you prefer novels or action books?
  3. Which is your favorite triology?
  4. Is there any book that everyone has already read except you?
  5. What is your favorite place to buy books?
  6. How many books have you read this year?
  7. Top 3 favorite books?
  8. Has any book disappointed you? If yes, which one?
  9. Where is your favorite place to read?
  10. Favorite author?
  11. In your opinion, which is the best movie adaptation from the book? Why?
Blog i nominate to answer this TAG: http://feelitasyoumay.blogspot.pt/


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